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Allen M. Hornblum is the author of three books, a documentary, and numerous articles concerning the research community’s sad history of incorporating orphans, prisoners, the mentally ill and hospital patients as test subjects in medical research. His research and books have received international attention including feature coverage on Good Morning America, the CBS Evening News, CNN, the BBC, and Court TV. In addition to appearances on scores of radio shows, Hornblum’s books on medical ethics have received attention in practically every newspaper in the country including the front page of the New York Times.



Reviews of Hornblum’s Presentations & Lectures:


“Hornblum gave a powerful presentation on prison medical research at Penn State Rock Ethics Institute’s lecture series. There is no doubt that Hornblum’s incisive critique had a profound impact on faculty and students alike.”

                                                                                                    Jonathan H. Marks,Ph.D.

                                                                                                                Edmund J. Safra Faculty Fellow

                                                                               Harvard University


“Hornblum’s knowledge of past abuses in the arena of research ethics with vulnerable populations is insightful, thought provoking, and challenging. I highly recommend his lecture for all medical and research professionals.”

                                                                                                                Peter Clarke, Ph.D. & Director

                                                                                                                Institute of Catholic Bioethics

                                                                                                         St. Joseph’s University


“We have been blessed to have Prof. Hornblum present at our annual research ethics conference. Hornblum’s extensive research provided us with a glimpse into the shocking world of prisoner exploitation for research purposes.”

                                                                                                           John J. Ponzillo, Pharm. D.

                                                                                                           Chairman, IRB 

                                                                                           Mercy Hospital St. Louis


Hornblum is a widely sought after lecturer and has presented his research at a cross-section of universities, medical schools, IRBs, and government institutions including: the British Medical Association, The National Institutes of Health, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Columbia, Brown, and Penn State universities, as well as Temple, Drexel, Jefferson, and East Carolina Medical Schools.


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