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    The Chronicle of Higher Education


    This Researcher Exploited Prisoners, Children, and the Elderly.

   Why Does Penn Honor Him?
    By Alexander C. Kafka NOVEMBER 08, 2019   r1TP9EE2GZmXspXawDB4eZJEbAjs3zSncmlaTG55Unc1LTViMi05V2VOd01TTVJkRE1uSWdTZko1MnRma3RNYkN1aw


  The Philadelphia Inquirer

81 years ago, 4 inmates were ‘baked’ to death

in a Philly jail. This summer, 1,000 are still

locked up without AC. by Samantha Melamed, Updated: July 24, 2019



The Secret Story of How a Revered Future Surgeon General Inspired the Tuskegee Syphilis Study by ALLEN HORNBLUM  08.19.17 9:55 PM ET

   Did a U.S. surgeon general come up with the idea of the notorious        Tuskegee syphilis experiment?  by , Staff Writer                            

American Herald Tribune:  FEBRUARY 10 ,2017  BY MOHSEN ABDELMOUMEN
Allen M. Hornblum: A Healthy, Vibrant Democracy Depends on an Educated and Involved Electorate


 NYC’s forgotten cancer scandal by Allen M. Hornblum  December 28, 2013 NY Post article

  The Invisible Harry Gold (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

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   Acres Of Skin (click on thumbnail to enlarge)


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