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Hornblum's American Colossusa biography of tennis great Bill Tilden will be published in March 2018. 

Allen M. Hornblum

Against Their Will:  The Secret History of Medical Experimentation

on Children in Cold War America  Allen M. Hornblum, Judith L. Newman and  

Gregory J. Dober

Reviews:  (From Publisher's Weekly)  In this horrifying and painstakingly

documented history, Hornblum, Penn State associate professor Newman,

and medical writer Dober examine the stories of victims of poorly regulated

medical experimentation in America in the 1950s and ‘60s to illustrate the

chilling legacy of negative eugenics—the sickening imperative to prevent

the survival and reproduction of the least fit—and the push by the 20th-century

medical establishment to find cures and treatments by using children as human

guinea pigs.  Read full review 

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The Invisible Harry Gold examined the tragic life of a devoted son and hard working chemist who hoped to repay a personal debt and help a long suffering people only to find himself drawn into a dark, duplicitous world of intrigue, deception, and espionage. Incapable of freeing himself from the foreign tentacles that controlled him, a decent, well-intentioned individual became a long serving and most unlikely master spy who traded in his country’s most significant industrial and military secrets.  Click to purchase



Harry Gold:  The Man who Testified against the Rosenbergs Read full review.

Temptation and Redemption in the Atomic Age Read full review.

The Rosenbergs Revisited.  Read full review.

Harry Gold was Philadelphia's Benedict Arnold Read full review.


Sentenced To Science told the story of Edward Anthony, a young African-American who found himself imprisoned in a dilapidated and frightening city jail for drug possession only to be repeatedly used in an array of unethical and dangerous medical experiments. A vital and vigorous man on his entry into the penal system, his experience as a human guinea pig left him broken - both mentally and physically - and with a deep distrust of doctors and the medical profession.

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Confessions of a Second Story Man explored a hearty and prolific

band of high school dropouts and blue-collar hoodlums who

transformed a rather mundane criminal act – burglary – into a

lucrative and menacing art form that ultimately relieved

thousands of upscale households of their most cherished

and expensive possessions.

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The controversial and highly praised Acres of Skin examined the history of using imprisoned Americans as test subjects for medical experiments. It’s shocking account of how one urban prison system and one Ivy League university combined to establish a K-Mart of investigative opportunity for medical researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and a wide range of public and private sector clients has become a staple of college bioethics programs and medical schools around the world.

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New York Times/Panel Suggests Using Inmates in Drug Trials.   Read full review.




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